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April Fool

I meant to write this up on Monday, on April Fool’s Day… but life gets busy and I just didn’t have the time… so… I made some time today to scribble down this blog.

April Fool’s Day. Ha! The day we play practical jokes on each other (though I haven’t done this in years) or the Atheist’s Holiday (haha)… this year it happened to fall the day after Easter. On Easter I called my mother to wish her a Happy Easter and during the conversation she tells me that her friend “J”, who is my “friend” on Facebook, “unfriended” me. Actually my mother did not use the silly phrase “unfriend” because she is not computer savvy nor does she loiter on Facebook.  She just told me that her friend “J” is no longer my friend because, as she put it, “You post a lot of religious things” … so she got rid of me …  hm. Um… like posting a lot of religious things on a social media site is a BAD thing. Like “you did something that makes people ‘uncomfortable’ and pushes them away….” Yeah… huh. So this day and age people are “disturbed” by seeing “too many” religious posts…as if posting “God so loved the world…” ETC made me look “odd” or “bad” or “foolish” like a … God forbid… a “Jesus freak” (gasp!)!  Huh… So how do I feel about “J” unfriending me for that? …Yeah I admit… I feel put out. Not that I even noticed she was gone (I didn’t notice)… yet I feel saddened that someone else (yes: else) “unfriended” me on Facebook because of my postings.

So what exactly do I post on my Facebook page? Catholic stuff mostly… bible quotes, saint quotes, famous Catholic quotes, inspirational quotes… pictures, videos, songs and memes created by Catholic FB pages like Catholic Memes (they are hilarious!). Case in point their April Fool’s Meme:


Yeah half the time I have to look them up too (haha).

For the most part I post Catholic stuff… because there are so many awesome Catholic things to post! I just love them and I want to decorate my wall with my beliefs and my faith.(It’s MY Facebook, right?) So… I guess it is “too much” for some people…huh, go figure.  With all the obnoxious foul ridiculous offensive shocking nonsense out there… you’d think my postings would be a breath of fresh air. But no. I “offend” or “annoy” people with my postings… and who would have thought it~ I have been blocked and unfriended before… because old high school friends find my postings “offensive”  and “hateful” and “unchristian” (yes I have been called that) because what I say goes against their atheist secular beliefs. Anytime I speak out about something I find wrong (immoral, like abortion or gay marriage) I get called “hateful” or “intolerant” and yes, “unchristian” … like I am not supposed to get angry at what I find wrong with the world but they can get angry at my beliefs. Even some so-called Christians who are pro-choice and liberal (ugh) tell me I am not acting very Christian… Hey Jesus did get all mad and freak out in the temple:


I don’t just post Catholic things. I also post pro-life quotes, pictures, memes… and I will post funny memes and special education posts (my field). I also have been known to post conservative or anti-liberal things… but I have been trying to steer away from that because some of those posts can be quite obnoxious about our liberal leaders (though I do enjoy the dark clever humor)… I will post them on occasion, but I try to refrain… ha!

Yes I am sure some of my FB friends, even my Catholic peeps, might think I post way too many Catholic things (though a friend told me to keep it up, I am supposed to do it)… but aren’t we, as Catholics, supposed to continually praise His name? We know that people will hate us for being Christians (Jesus told us they would)… but that shouldn’t stop us! We should not hide our faith. We should not be ashamed. We should LIVE it. In everything we do… even on Facebook! Live the Gospel… like St. Francis… be that fool for Christ. Shout it out! “I love the Lord! I will not be shamed into discontinuing my postings! NEVER!”

This April… I will continue to be the fool for Christ!

… an April Fool …Image

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