Listen to God


We have just found out that our beloved Papa Bene (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) has reportedly said that he retired from the papacy after a “mystical experience” and because “God told me to.”

The Lord planted a seed of “absolute desire” in his heart to do this…. How awesome is that? I just love him. God asked him and he did His will. Beautiful.

This made me think: has this ever happened to you? Have you ever heard from God and responded by doing what He asked, by dropping everything and doing his will? I have already explained in another blog “Obedience” that I responded to God by becoming sober. Tomorrow, August 22nd, will be my three year anniversary. Three years without a beer. Three years without a hang-over. Three years sober. This is HUGE for me. All because God told me to “Stop drinking.” As I explained in that blog, He had to tell me three times before I listened to Him. Three times. Yes… I am a stubborn, obstinate child. But I listened, obeyed and did His will (eventually).

There is one other time that I literally “heard” Him speaking to me (in my heart). I also did not immediately respond until he asked me three times. (What’s with that? Why does it take me three times to do what is asked of me?! HA!). Back in 2005 I was in church, St John’s in E. Bridgewater, Massachusetts. It was summer time and I had been going to church by myself, I had just returned to the church 9 months before (I had been away for over 20 years….). The head of religious education was imploring people to volunteer to teach. This was not something that I was interested in. I had no desire to do that at all…. BUT… I had a strong feeling that the Holy Spirit was sitting behind me (yes sitting behind me) at mass and was poking me (yes He was poking me!) on the right shoulder and saying, “Do that.” I turned around and was like, “Um…no… are you crazy? I am not teaching!” Yes that was my response. … this happened three weeks in a row. She asked the congregation and I felt the urging of the Holy Spirit, “Do that.” pokepokepoke …. finally, after the third time, I reluctantly said, “Fine!”

This was the beginning of my “teaching” journey. Jesus knew in which direction I needed to go, He knew what He had in store for me, my place and purpose. He knew I needed to be prodded and moved in that direction…. and so I did… I jumped in with absolutely no idea what I was doing… and taught 6th grade CCD (it was like herding cats…aaahahahaha o.O) ….

Eight years later I am a teacher. This week I started as a special education teacher. It has been a long, crazy journey to get here … and if you had told me ten years ago that I would be teaching special education in a high school I would call you crazy (probably in a very colorful way)… but here I am… I said “Yes” (finally) to the Lord and he brought me here, to where I need to be. Praise be to God.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.“ John 10: 27-28



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