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My Guardian Dear


“The Lord has put angels in charge of you, to guard you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11

On this feast of the Guardian Angels (October 2nd) I wanted to share an epiphany I had several years ago.

I now work at a high school as a teacher, but for several years I worked there as a Para-educator. The school where I work is awesome in more ways than one…. It is huge; the campus has approximately 15 buildings. It is like a small college campus. The students have to travel from building to building to get to their classes and they only have seven minutes to do so. Imagine~ the bell rings and over three thousand students converge, slouching, pushing, marching across campus to get to their classes on time. It is crowded and noisy.

When I was a Para I walked with the three thousand students across campus to get to the classes to be with my students.  I endured all their foul language and at times disturbing conversations.  As I walked I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Rosary. 

One day I had an epiphany.  I remember where I was, walking past the gymnasium. An image popped into my head:  As I walk and pray my guardian angel AND all the student’s guardian angels also pray. No… actually… they SING…. LOUDLY.  This vision ~ all these huge guardian angels, of these mostly indifferent students, turning to me as I pass… singing, praying, praising God along with me! WOW! That image blew me away! 

The idea that I was not praying alone… that all these Guardian Angels were praying with me made my trek across campus every day for the rest of that year amazing.

And then there are times when my guardian angel does a face palm…


 ahahahahaha…. yeeeaaah. O.o

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