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Sitting at His Feet


During Lent I have been praying Lectio Divina. I have not only made myself step into the gospels but I have gone back again and again and listened to what Jesus says to ME in each circumstance. At first I found it hard to do this, have Jesus say something more than what he says to the women in the bible. I could picture myself there, I could visualize the scene and describe it perfectly but I had a hard time waiting for Jesus to speak to just me… me as the woman of the New Testament~ the woman at the well (John 4: 1-42), the woman caught in adultery (John 8:1-11),  Mary anointing His feet (John 12:1-11),  the sinful woman who washed his feet with her tears (Luke 7: 36-50), the woman who hemorrhaged for 12 years (Mark 5:21-43), or even Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet when Martha scolds her (Luke 10: 38-42) … I had to really be still and wait and listen… and then He did. He spoke to me. Today I completed my third day sitting at Jesus’ feet (I review and mull over each passage three times) while my sister (ha I really don’t have a sister) Martha rebuked me again for not helping her, for being lazy and not doing my part… but again, like in all the other scripture readings, whether it was Martha, or Judas or people of the town, or the Pharisee …Jesus backed me up.

These weeks I have not just seen through my visualization of the gospel scenes how Jesus really is… not just to the people who He interacted with in the bible but how He interacts with me. My personal savior. Through Lectio Divina I have heard over and over Jesus expressing to me His mercy, compassion and love. I had been feeling like I was always rebuked for what I did, or not taken seriously or over looked, or looked down on… but again and again Jesus tells me He is there for me and that He loves me.

Today this is what I wrote in my journal:

“There is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her” Luke 10:42

It will not be taken from her. The peace He gives me will not be taken from me. Jesus is adamant- He is giving me a gift- He is serving me by teaching me. I am taking the time to be with Jesus. He says, “See … all the people in the world will try to take me from you. They will mock you … and me… and call you names… tell you you’re close minded and a mindless sheep… they do not understand. Be kind. Tell them. Tell them how I changed you – how you came back to the faith (ten years ago because of a movie The Passion of the Christ). Tell them what I have done for you. Tell them about my mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. Tell them who you were, how you were, where you were…. tell them your journey with me. Tell them about the beautiful daily miracles… how I touched your heart and changed your life. Don’t argue with them… love them. Find what you have in common with them. Meet them where they are and love them like I would love them. Do not worry. You start. Plant the seed. and I will finish. All you have to do is love. It’s that simple. See your sister Martha (and all the people who bring you down)? Go over to her. Hug her. and tell her to come sit at my feet too. I have much to share with her.”

The scene changes. We, I, you are no longer sitting in Martha and Mary’s house at Jesus’ feet… we are at the foot of the cross…


this is what he has done for you…. this is LOVE…

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