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I Will Give You Rest


“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11: 28
Today, the last day of Spring, was absolutely perfect. Sunny, blue skies, mid 70’s. Beautiful. Great way to end the week… the last week of school. I finished work on Wednesday (high school). Wooo hooo. My 14 year old completed 8th grade (middle school) on Thursday, and my 5th grader finished elementary school today… running off the bus at 3:30 with a big grin exclaiming, “I’m free!”
Tomorrow we step into the ever coveted season of summer. Aaaah. Two full weeks off for me before I begin teaching summer camp in July. 14 days. A well needed rest. A rest I definitely deserve. I successfully completed my first full year as a teacher. It feels good to get that behind me.
I started my summer break off right yesterday~ with Adoration, Liturgy of the Hours, morning Mass followed by the rosary. Pure peace.
This morning I also made it to Mass and afterwards I sat out back in the sun with my dog Cooper enjoying the most glorious day. I Lectio Divina-ed (gee I am sure that is not a phrase… haha) Matthew 11:25-30. When I got to “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” (v. 28) I sat back and smiled. Yes, He has. Moments like that… of pure contentment oozing joy. Yeah. It felt good to be done. To have that burden lifted. To be resting. To go to Him, to climb into Jesus’ arms, child-like, and “find rest for yourselves” (Matt 11:29). Instead of journaling I looked around… at the sky, the trees, the grass, the sound of the wind and the birds and even the dog who lied there guarding the grass. Inspired, I wrote a poem.

Splashing Contentment at my Feet
Brown dog settles
quietly guarding
the smooth green waves of grass and clover
as the leaves rustle, tittering gently
and the wind laughs low through the branches.
Bird song cuts the silence with chirps of joy
in answer to the pregnant pause of the morning hush.
All holds its breath
as the blue sky
sails by
splashing contentment at my feet.


Thankful for this rest. Thankful for these small simple blessings. Thankful for summer.

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