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If Only Every Day Could Be SoulFest

001Exhausted…. I’ve got a SoulFest hang-over (and you know I don’t drink) … yeah it was that good. I finally was able to go to SoulFest this year. Every year I say, “I am going this year!” but something always gets in the way. But not this year. I was there. With bells on. Yeah!

SoulFest… the annual North East summer Christian Rock festival up at Gunstock Ski Resort in Gilford, NH… waaaay in the middle of beautiful nowhere… a wonderful three day weekend of Praise and worship… rocking out with other Christians and seeing favorite bands… it was amazing. A well-deserved present to myself after five weeks of teaching camp. LOVED it! Hanging with friends and family, singing, dancing and worshiping God!


And not only was there amazing music of every variety, but the atmosphere… it was not a typical rock festival… the key here is “Christian”…Good people, Christians from many denominations; all together for one purpose… to love and praise God through music. So unlike other rock venues… the people were not obnoxious, lewd, crass, and scary… though at times they got loud but with rejoicing. There were no drinking, drugs, violence or thievery … everyone was nice. Yes everyone… NICE! Even in the midst of the bopping, thrashing head-banging “pit” down in front of the stage… if someone elbowed you while pogo-ing to TFK they apologized. Yes. Yes they did. It was awesome.


And they prayed. A lot. Every time a musician/band got off the stage they prayed for them. How cool is that? Yesterday I pointed out the drone that had been flying over all weekend and my son asked me, “What if that falls and hits someone?” I laughed, “That won’t happen,” … (JINX! Though I don’t believe in jinx… HA!) Yeah… within five minutes someone accidentally hit the drone with a flying beach ball and the drone went down and hit someone, injuring them. So what did they do? Everyone stopped. They STOPPED everything at the Revival stage (the main stage) and they prayed for the person. They got her help and then prayed for the EMTs too. Wow.


And also… in my perfect world… there always being a favorite band performing soon… yeah. Woo hooo… That would be awesome. I not only saw some old favorites (Third Day, Matt Maher, Switchfoot) but some new bands I had never seen (Thousand Foot Krutch, David Crowder, Toby Mac, Scott Stapp, Mandisa, Britt Nicole… ETC) … and I got some one-on-one time with my 14 year old son, who loves TFK (we were right up front!!! They were awesome! Rocking with my BOY!!!) … my idea of perfection. What a great weekend.


Can you imagine if we ALL lived like that … always? Everyone praising, worshiping and serving God in their life… everyone kind, helpful and loving (“unconditional love” was the weekend theme) all the time… can you imagine? It did happen there… it COULD be possible… couldn’t it?

… yeah… it was a perfect weekend. If only we all could have that SoulFest mentality all the time. Loving and rocking out for Jesus….


Well … hm… I think I need a nap now.

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