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Bliphany…. A combination of blog and epiphany … yeah I made up a new word. Nice.

On the eve of my 49th birthday, (a day that the old me would have celebrated with an abundant amount of beer ~Guinness preferably … and it being the last year of my 40’s… a reason worthy of celebrating… actually when I drank anything and everything was worthy of celebrating …) as I sat on the sidelines of a beautiful autumn evening tonight, watching my son’s football practice… I had an epiphany….

I now realize… the beer I had been consuming all those years was putting out the fire within me. It was numbing and distorting my faith journey. Inebriation was essentially keeping me from getting closer to Christ.

hm. yeah.

So as I step into the last year of my 40’s… I am ready for whatever is next… this awesome journey… grateful to be clean and sober. Empty with open hands. Ready to be filled with all God has for me.

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