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Wash Away

gods-hands-holding-childI really wish I could draw, for every time I have a visual of a scripture reading, one where I vividly SEE exactly what God is showing me, I wish I could draw it. Of course, as with every blog, I try to find the perfect picture from Google Image… and there are times that I do find a good or even amazing picture… like the picture above… it would be perfect if it wasn’t of a child in God’s hand but was an adult, preferably a woman… but I suppose it fits… because we are all children of God… which reminds me of the two year old this morning in church who kept wanting to dance in the aisle when the band played… that was awesome…. but I digress… as usual.
Back on topic…. The other day, meditating on Psalm 51 (Lecitio Divina) I got caught (enwrapped!) on the words at the very beginning… “wash away…. Cleanse me…” Ps. 51: 4. I got that far and no further and received a visual. The image of God the Father taking little me, and I mean little… smaller than I am now (and I am only 5’ tall) a Thumbelina sized me, a little woman who can fit into the palm of His hand…. Yes, that small (like the picture)… And He, while holding me in His palm, washes me, pouring warm water over me, washing all the dirt, literal and figurative, off of me. As the water is poured over me it is also pouring into me… I can feel the dirt on the inside being washed away too… warm water, His living water, flowing in me, flowing through me, taking it all, all the bad, all the wounds and hurt, all the evil and despicable …easily washed out and away. This living water He continues to pour over and in, seeping deeper into me …. All the way down and out my toes. And out my eyes. I am clean inside and out.
He then dries me with His warm breath… the Holy Spirit. He blows gently. His breeze warms my skin and dries my hair which flows back as His compassion flows around me. My skin prickles and tingles as if alive once again. The wind of His breath also blows and seeps into me, blows all my worries away. This wind, flowing through me, warms, enlightens me…. Literally lightens me, makes me glow with His beauty and fills me with great joy. A smile crawls across my face and He smiles back at me, pulls me to Him and hugs me, envelopes me in his warm embrace…. I am lost in Him, in the folds of His white robe, in the feathers of His wings. I lose myself, become someone else, the person I should have always been, cleansed by God and filled with light and love of the Holy Spirit.

The image dissolves and blows away. I am ready.
“Renew in me a steadfast spirit” Ps. 51:12 .
Thank you, Lord.

Well, maybe I don’t need to draw….

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