Sitting in God’s Hand

God the potter

The recent Lectio Divina scripture verses have been a plethora of awesome visuals for me. Going from my last blog “Wash Away” where God washed and dried me in body and soul… to a new visual… God the creator~ the potter at the wheel.

After reading 2 Corinthians 5:17 “So whoever is in Christ is a new creation.” I immediately had the vision of God taking me, you know… little me, little Thumbelina/Tinker Bell sized me, and placing me gently on the pottery wheel. “Sit down, Kelly.” Spinning on the spinning wheel, held by the hands of God, cupped, held tightly, around and around I go, year after year, as the world turns He is molding me into a holy Christian woman… a new creation. Lord knows … He has to continuously work on me…”Sit still Kelly and let me mold you!” Haha… I can see me fighting Him sometimes, wanting to do it all my way. “Hold still, Kelly! This is for your own good! You will see!” … reluctantly, humbly I obey. Dizzy I smile up at him.

Ez 11

And then the next scripture that bloomed epiphanies for me was from the Prophet Ezekiel. “I will give them a new heart and put a new spirit within them; I will remove the stony heart from their bodies, and replace it with a natural heart.” Ez. 11:19. Again, God takes me, sets me in his hand. He reaches into me and gently takes out my stony heart. What does this heart look like?

Stony Heart

Like a gray, brittle, cracked stone, small, shriveled and pathetic. He takes this heart of mine and throws it away. Far away. He reaches into His own chest and pulls out a big, red beating heart. He presses it into my chest and I am immediately warmed throughout. My eyes, once dead, dark and dull… light up, my face glows … I get up, smile, shine, praise God, rejoice, so filled with love and life that all I want to do is live life for Him … be His hands and feet. I tell Him this. God laughs, kisses my forehead and sets me down, blows on me (again) and moves me forward to where He wants and needs me to be.

I need these daily reminders that God is willing to speak to me in scripture. That He loves me, that He is my Father, creator, teacher, friend… the one who loves me for who I am… who wants me to be who I was meant to be, who will always help me to become that person… I just need to open up the bible. Daily. I just need to open the ears (and eyes) of my heart… to see and listen… and to let Him work in me and through me. God is Good… (you know the response).

And now… today… I opened up to Luke 19… climbed up that sycamore tree and hung out with Zacchaeus … us little sinners need a better view of Jesus… hm… let’s muse on what God wants me to grasp from this vantage point…


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One response to “Sitting in God’s Hand

  1. I don’t practice Lectio Divina, but I love Scripture. At one time, I was trying to use mnemonics to memorize some Scripture passages. But after a few weeks, I stopped.

    I did, however, learn a great deal about Scripture by debating with Protestants on the internet. While I debated, I would ask God (or one of the Saints, like St. Paul) to give me understanding so that I could respond to the objection. I have learned so much. I can pretty well trace all our Doctrines to the Sacred Word.

    I enjoyed reading your descriptions of Lectio Divina. I’ll definitely keep coming back to see what else you visualize.

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