Have you ever felt insignificant? Invisible, like you and your opinions don’t matter? Every felt like no one pays attention to you, or they misunderstand you, or they have the wrong perception of who you are? Every felt like no one gets you, no one appreciates you, no one includes you, or no one really cares what happens to you? Left standing there alone, forgotten … Ever felt … small?


We have all felt under-appreciated and unloved at times. This can be depressing, devastating, frustrating and even infuriating at times. You wonder if you really matter, if anyone even cares what you say, do and think. That hollow feeling, a vacuous pit, which fills up with tears, self-pity and melancholy.


But then…. You look up at that sycamore tree. You see him way up there at the top. Desperately you begin to climb, breaking branches as you go, causing leaves and twigs to flutter down. All the way up, grasping branch after branch, pulling yourself higher and higher. You settle in next to Zacchaeus. He nods at you, smiles, thanks you for joining him. Two small sinners, waiting for a savior.
He does not disappoint. He stops below the tree as if He knows. He looks up. Smiles. He sees you. Let me say that again, HE SEES YOU. Really sees you. He calls you by name. He calls you down. He wants to dine with you, to be with you. He does not care what the others say or think about you. He does not see you as they do. He wants you to know that it does not matter what anyone else says or thinks. He sees you and He loves you. It is okay if you are small. Do not worry.

Jesus shroud

He sees you.



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  2. Kathi Picone

    Thank you so much dear friend! You are a blessing to me and I appreciate your support!

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