Believing is Seeing

“For we walk by faith, not by sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7

St Lucy meme

It just so happens that on this Feast day of St Lucy I am suffering from some sort of eye irritation. St. Lucy is the patron saint of blindness and eye disorders, for legend has it that when she was tortured (and martyred) she had her eyes gouged out (and God miraculously healed her). .. I am always amazed at the lives of saints and especially martyrs… for I fear I would never be as brave as they were… They are too cool and I am a wuss who can’t stand the sight of blood, especially my own. Hopefully Saint Kelly (haha yeah me some day) will not have to die a gruesome martyrs death.

So back to my eyes… I have been experiencing burning and annoyingly itchy eyes for about a month now. Yes, I went to my doctor, we discussed it, maybe its medication, maybe its make-up… we are not sure. So I just deal with it, for though it is annoying I can still see and I am thankful for that. My husband did laugh at me and took pictures of me with cucumbers on my eye lids… Gotta laugh at ourselves and the silly things we do…

So think of sight … how so many of us take it for granted. I have worn glasses and/or contacts for about 37 years now and I have always been annoyed by not having perfect sight. I hated (and still hate) wearing glasses. I don’t think I look nice in them and I want to SEE from my face… not through some dingy, smeared piece of glass an inch from my face. But recently contacts irritate my eyes, so I have to suck it up ~ go all Velma and try to rock out the four eyes look. Blah. One of our students calls me “BD” (bad @$$) because my glasses transition into sunglasses. Haha… But seriously I am not that cool. At all. Dorkish, that’s me. And I not only have to wear glasses, but I wear “progressives” (a name my husband hates, sounds too liberal haha) so that I can read and see distances… but there are times that I am tilting my head awkwardly, trying to see close up… and then across the room and then back to the computer and …ugh… I wind up dizzy and nauseous with a crick in me neck… and I whip off my glasses, like now as I write this, leaning over the keyboard, pecking at the keys (yeah I can’t type like a normal person, I use three fingers)… I can see fine like this…. (mwahahaahahaha I laugh maniacally!) Sorta, kinda, maybe-ish …if I don’t have to look at anything else but this screen… <sigh> I wish I could just see everything clearly without those dumb glasses …

I have a friend who said that one day she lost an expensive pair of glasses in church and she just went on with her day and after a while she said she could see fine without them and she has not worn glasses since then. A Miracle? I don’t know, maybe she asked for intercessory prayers of St Lucy? Not sure… but I love these little stories of faith and miracles and thanksgiving. I wish my eyesight would be miraculously healed… hm.

But then I remember … to be thankful for what I do have… I do have my sight. Yes my eyes burn a bit… But I can do my job, I can see to drive my minivan, I can see the TV, the computer, and I can see my husband and children (oh and my silly dog) …I am blessed… Though there is pain… I can offer up that discomfort to save souls (always need to remember redemptive suffering)… and …there is always a reason for things, even crappy things… even if we don’t see the reason now. God has a plan. Believing is seeing… there is more to life than what we see and know.

So with these bad eyes… I walk by faith and not by sight and try not to fret…

Still… St Lucy… pray for me


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