My Gift

IEP meeting meme

Yeah… tis the season… not only is it Advent, which can and will stress me out, but it is also IEP season… mostly because they (the school) wants to get in all of the senior transition meetings before Christmas break… and this year half of my (30+) students are seniors… yeah… and then there are the annual meetings for my (sophomore and Junior) students whose IEP’s are up soon (or have testing soon)… so yeah… my life is pretty much insane right now.

screamin woman 2

yup that’s me… crazy lady extraordinaire…

So I have been buckling down …getting em done… spending anywhere from 4-5 hours (on brand new, never been written IEP for a new student, I got 3 of those so far this year) to 2-3+ hours on an IEP of a student I have had for a year or two. And not only is there that 19-22 page monster to write but all the paperwork I have to gather, and reports I have to write… yes we kill trees in special ed… what of it?! My brain is about to explode and my eyes are on fire…

I have ten meetings in all to look forward to before Christmas … I have 5 meetings this coming week and 5 right before break… … and next week isn’t a full 5 day week… it is 2 days… but yes I still have 5 meetings that week (3 in one day, 2 in the next!).

I spent my weekend, yes my weekend, writing two IEPs… 6-7 hours in all… and I am happy to say I am done for the day (WOOO HOOO)…. It did help that I cranked Christmas music as I wrote!

Why am I a special ed teacher, you ask? Why would I torture myself so… hahahahaha… I do believe I explained it in another post… but for the most part I am a special ed teacher because I was not pleased with how we were treated at my son’s IEP meetings back 7 years ago. I felt like I had to fight to get him what he needed to be successful. I was very confused, frustrated and annoyed by how things went at those meeting… yeah I was all crazy mother bear… yeah I was/am like this

IEP meme

I fought for my son… I went back to school to get my master’s in Special Education so that I could understand what was going on at the meetings (and get a better job) … and then I wanted to be an advocate for my students and their parents… because as a parent I knew what it is like to be sitting there at that big, overwhelming table with the “team” which consists of various people… LEAs, special ed teachers, specialists, counselors, speech and language pathologists, OT, PT, classroom teachers, administrators …  who were for the most part (but not all the time) grumpy-faced or stoic.

IEP meetings are usually not fun. BUT hey, I think they should be… well at least they should not be so serious. I did have one of my student’s mothers laughing hysterically at the end of a meeting 2 weeks ago (mostly because I did something moronic).. she looked at me and burst into laughter … and then I would laugh uncontrollably too … she said it was the best IEP meeting she had ever been to. Yeah that was a good meeting…

So I have completed 5 IEPs so far… just more 5 to go… ugh.

Hey~ God brought me on this journey… placed me here for a reason… So I guess this is my gift this Christmas season… offering up my sufferings (seriously, my brain and eyes hurt!) for my student’s (redemptive suffering! Use it!) that they have a successful academic year and that they enjoy and appreciate silly little ole me as their case coordinator.

For my students! WOOOT!

I love my job.


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  1. neodecaussade

    Dear Precious Fool,
    I will pray for you. God bless,

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