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Mary’s Fiat

mary's fiat

No, no, no… not that Fiat… hahahaha… but yeah, if the Virgin Mary drove a car it would definitely be that one.

Today is the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. (Nine months til Christmas!!! AAAAHHH!) … The day that changed the world forever. The day of our salvation. Mary’s obedient Fiat. Her YES to God. The day she said she would be willing to give birth to our Lord and savior.

Imagine being her. A young woman, a girl really, barely a teen. Being visited by an angel, and not just any angel… but Gabriel himself… imagine for a minute … that scene.
The Annunciation by Henry Ossawa Tanner 1896
Seeing an angel. Incredible! And having him speak to you, call you holy, and ask you to carry the son of God in your womb! Wow… just imagining that scene blows my mind!

Would you have been as brave as her? Do we ever think of Mary as being brave? We always think of her as this beautiful, pure young woman… but do we think of her as the strong, courageous girl who was willing to do God’s will no matter what?… Knowing full well that she could be stoned to death for being pregnant out of wedlock! Stoned to death. But she did it. She said yes. She accepted. She had faith that God was with her (literally!) and that He would protect her and take care of her. She loved the Lord that much.

Do we have faith like that? Crazy trusting faith! Do we listen to what God is asking us to do? Are we silencing our crazy, busy, loud lives and sitting alone with God? Are we listening to what he wants of us? And when we do hear Him are we responding like Mary by saying “Yes, Lord!”? Are we stepping out of our comfort zones … are we willing to do something crazy for the Lord? Something that will change our lives and probably others…

Sit with Mary, the Mary that just said yes to an angel. Sit down next to her, take her hand. Talk to her. What would you say? What would you ask? How would she respond? What would she ask you? Would she reassure you? Would she speak to you sweetly, comfort you and help you, convince you to say yes to God in your life? Imagine looking into her face, her eyes. Seeing her smile. You got this…

Be not afraid. Nothing is impossible for God. You can do it; with the Lord you can do anything.

Thank you Mary for your Fiat.

The-Annunciation 2

Thank you God for Mary.

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