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Yip. Sneered at for speaking the truth. Labeled a “hater” and “intolerant” and a “bigot” for expressing my Catholic opinion on the supreme court decision on same sex marriage or on the Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn issue. Doesn’t matter that I explain what the church teaches on marriage and those issues. Doesn’t matter that I post articles and videos on Facebook that clearly and simply explains my position. Doesn’t matter that I explain how I love the person first and value the dignity of the human person, and that we are to hate the sin not the sinner. Doesn’t matter. I am told I should not judge others …and they think they can just shut me up with that statement and the discussion is over.

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yeah. They throw bible quotes at me but they do not understand the Christian faith at all and what it teaches. They are either cafeteria Catholics/Christians or they do not want to even bring in religion to the discussion at all.  I even post articles/videos on the social or scientific aspect of the issue… but still… no…  I am still a “hater” … sigh.

I am tired of it. I am tired of being misunderstood. I am tired of explaining myself over and over… it’s like banging my head against the wall. They don’t hear me. and they assume I am just a nasty, ignorant, unenlightened bigot.

Case in point:

When the Bruce Jenner came out as Caitlyn and everyone was oooing and ahing over his picture on the cover of a mag I wound up having a very interesting discussion with a very upset young woman about this. She was angry at people for being intolerant. I told her she cannot make/force people to agree with her. She could not force people to accept something that went against their faith.  I went on to explain how some people’s religious beliefs were very important to them and that they would defend those beliefs.  I then went on to explain my beliefs, my faith and how I try to live the gospel in my life. I explained how I love a person no matter what. I respect their human worth and dignity. I told her I had people in my life who I would do anything for, I would even give my life for them … but I did not agree with their choices or their beliefs. I loved them but I did not have to accept and agree with how they lived.  Though I kindly and simply explained my beliefs to her she still had that crazed “you’re a hater” look on her face. She even asked me to do her a favor: “When you talk about her (Bruce/Caitlyn) could you please call her ‘she?'” I again reminded her that she could not force people to do/say things that go against their beliefs… she did not like that. What bothered me the most about the whole honest, revealing conversation was: she now carries a grudge against me. I am no longer a nice person in her eyes. It didn’t matter that I explained about love and my faith, to her because I did not accept her view point I was a “hater” … end of story.

I think that hurts the most. Being thought of a hater. Being misunderstood. Yes Jesus said we would be hated and persecuted for our beliefs. I know. But it doesn’t make it any easier.  Being catholic is so hard… but yes it is worth it.

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The one good thing those who believe we are haters do not see….  we have been praying. A lot. About the whole serious situation. We may be called names, we may be misunderstood… but there is good coming out of this… a whole lot of prayer is going up…


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