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Year of Mercy… During an Election Year

year of mercy

Yeah I don’t know why it didn’t hit me before… coincidence ..? Hm. I think it dawned on me at the beginning of July when I was doing my morning prayers, my St. Maximilian Kolbe consecration to Mary and July’s intercession is: “That resentments and anger may never stifle our ability to love.”  Bam. Right smack in the middle of the Black Lives Matter/5 police shot in Dallas/the FBI overlooking Hillary’s shenanigans …  ETC. Yeah. That. Being my obnoxious, opinionated, conservative, catholic self I have a hard time NOT saying anything. It’s hard to not get caught up in the political snarling debates, fiery posts attacking, actually, both candidates, and posting witty cutting un-merciful memes on Facebook.  It’s hard to be kind because I am disgusted and discouraged by the state of our nation.   It’s hard to be merciful to those who have differing opinions when it just feels like they are ruining the country with their division.


At times I just don’t want to be merciful…  I am too angry and disappointed to ‘let it go” to “agree to disagree”  I want to rant and rail… sigh. But as a Catholic in this Year of Mercy …. I need to step back and assess the situation.

So there’s mercy. Be merciful like the father. Luke 6:36. The logo for this year. Heck I may hate what the “other side” says.  I may think they are wrongwrongwrong WRONG!!!! about so many issues. Case in point:

black lives matter

… I may think they are ruining this country. I may think the Founding Fathers are rolling over and over (and over!) in their graves … 

founding fathers rolling

but… Mercy. Be merciful like the Father … He forgave all of us (we all matter!!).

Jesus all lives matter

Though we may not like what others say or do… we need to show them mercy. Yeah, I know. Garshblamit. I don’t want to. I DON’T WANT TO! … It’s hard.

God is always asking me (you, us) to step out of that comfort zone and BE that kind, caring, compassionate, merciful Christian, especially when we don’t want to.  (Especially when they are wrong about so many issues… .) He never said it would be easy… He actually said living this life would be hard and many people will despise us for it… but we don’t have to despise them back…

This is going to be challenging for me and I know I will blow it several times (wanting to post that funny, yet obnoxious meme that shows Hillary’s hypocrisy!) but I am going to TRY to be less me and more Him. Like the Father~ Merciful.

Yeah… I’m going to need a lot of prayers…

mercy 2

“Mercy is the force that reawakens us to new life and instills in us the courage to look to the future with hope.” Pope Francis.


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truth orwell

Yip. Sneered at for speaking the truth. Labeled a “hater” and “intolerant” and a “bigot” for expressing my Catholic opinion on the supreme court decision on same sex marriage or on the Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn issue. Doesn’t matter that I explain what the church teaches on marriage and those issues. Doesn’t matter that I post articles and videos on Facebook that clearly and simply explains my position. Doesn’t matter that I explain how I love the person first and value the dignity of the human person, and that we are to hate the sin not the sinner. Doesn’t matter. I am told I should not judge others …and they think they can just shut me up with that statement and the discussion is over.

judge meme

yeah. They throw bible quotes at me but they do not understand the Christian faith at all and what it teaches. They are either cafeteria Catholics/Christians or they do not want to even bring in religion to the discussion at all.  I even post articles/videos on the social or scientific aspect of the issue… but still… no…  I am still a “hater” … sigh.

I am tired of it. I am tired of being misunderstood. I am tired of explaining myself over and over… it’s like banging my head against the wall. They don’t hear me. and they assume I am just a nasty, ignorant, unenlightened bigot.

Case in point:

When the Bruce Jenner came out as Caitlyn and everyone was oooing and ahing over his picture on the cover of a mag I wound up having a very interesting discussion with a very upset young woman about this. She was angry at people for being intolerant. I told her she cannot make/force people to agree with her. She could not force people to accept something that went against their faith.  I went on to explain how some people’s religious beliefs were very important to them and that they would defend those beliefs.  I then went on to explain my beliefs, my faith and how I try to live the gospel in my life. I explained how I love a person no matter what. I respect their human worth and dignity. I told her I had people in my life who I would do anything for, I would even give my life for them … but I did not agree with their choices or their beliefs. I loved them but I did not have to accept and agree with how they lived.  Though I kindly and simply explained my beliefs to her she still had that crazed “you’re a hater” look on her face. She even asked me to do her a favor: “When you talk about her (Bruce/Caitlyn) could you please call her ‘she?'” I again reminded her that she could not force people to do/say things that go against their beliefs… she did not like that. What bothered me the most about the whole honest, revealing conversation was: she now carries a grudge against me. I am no longer a nice person in her eyes. It didn’t matter that I explained about love and my faith, to her because I did not accept her view point I was a “hater” … end of story.

I think that hurts the most. Being thought of a hater. Being misunderstood. Yes Jesus said we would be hated and persecuted for our beliefs. I know. But it doesn’t make it any easier.  Being catholic is so hard… but yes it is worth it.

persecuted 2

The one good thing those who believe we are haters do not see….  we have been praying. A lot. About the whole serious situation. We may be called names, we may be misunderstood… but there is good coming out of this… a whole lot of prayer is going up…


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Honestly… Epic Lenten Fail

st francis lent

St Francis should be disappointed in me (but I know he is not)….

The other day one of my best friends from my hometown texted me about how she loves the Lenten season. Hm. Honestly I cannot share her enthusiasm. I always feel that I fail at Lent. I fail, not only at fasting from… whatever, but at having a powerful spiritual experience during Lent. Doesn’t happen.
One year I was trying to be super holy and I gave up something like ten things and when I went to reconciliation to complain about how pathetic I was at failing at my long list of “fasts” the priest kindly chided me, “Just pick one thing!”

upset meme
A co-worker/friend asked me today why I “give something up” and I came clean. I said, “Actually I gave up junk food mostly because I am trying to lose weight.” He thanked me for my honesty.
Giving up Facebook seemed like a big deal for me … but honestly …was it? Do I miss it now, almost 3 weeks later? Hm. Well, when I really think about it, sure I do miss FB … but really … I have not been thinking about it all that much now and hey, I am good. Shrug. I don’t miss it. It’s nice to take a break. And yeah it will be nice to go back to being on social media again. But. I am good now. It is not affecting me. It does not feel like a horrible sacrifice.
The other day the idea came to me that next year I should fast from buying anything for myself during Lent. That would be hard… about as horrible as giving up coffee for Lent, which I did last year and I wanted to seriously maim someone. Not good. And what if I really need something? Ugh. Maybe not.
The big question I need to ask myself is~ What am I getting out of my fasts? Am I growing closer to Christ during this Lenten season by fasting in this way?… because really that is what it is all about. And I can honestly say: No. I just took something I enjoy out of my life and I just do other things to fill that time. I fail because I need to fill that time with Jesus somehow. But I don’t.
Thing is~ I need to find something new to do during Lent. It doesn’t seem fresh or interesting anymore. I need to plan what I am going to do for Lent a month or so before Ash Wednesday. It doesn’t need to be a huge thing, but I do think I need to plan it and perfect what I want to do. Something epically holy.
Because right now it just doesn’t seem like I am climbing that mountain. I am just stuck in the doldrums, a dark night, going nowhere. I should be experiencing something. I should be getting something out of this. I want to be new once Easter comes. But usually I am just thankful Lent is over and that I can finally do or have what I wasn’t allowing myself to do or have. Like, “I did it!” woo hoo. great. But am I changed? because I should be. I should be new. Resurrected.

Only two-ish more weeks of Lent. So I will soldier on with what I am doing. Acknowledging that I have epically failed this year… But next year. Ah. Next year I will definitely DO something amazing … something amazing that brings me closer to Christ. Because facebook and junkfood fasting just ain’t doin it…

Actually I think I am going to give up saying ‘epic fail’ right now.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St Pat I want you

Yeah! It’s St Patrick’s Day… and I am missing all the fun memes and prayers and greetings on Facebook… since I gave up FB for Lent… St Pat’s day ALWAYS falls during Lent!  So I shall post the memes I would have posted on FB here. Yaaaaay.

St Pat go home snakesst patst Pat snakes on planeahahahahahahahahhaha

st pat medusast pat popeSt Pat do something worthwhilest pat guiness

if I still drank I would have a couple o Guinness today! Slainte dad! (drinking beer in heaven!)

St Pat's day memest pat cat

and last but not least… the prayer of St Patrick… a prayer I say every morning…


Have a blessed St Patrick’s Day


St Patrick, pray for us!

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Facebook Fast … Lord help me….

givng up FB for lent

So on March 1st I decided to give up Facebook for the rest of Lent… too much drama on Facebook and I decided I needed a break… and what perfect time to do it… LENT! Give it up!!!

…well, it was then ~ hours into my Facebook fast~ that I realized I was addicted. Yes. Addicted. I realized that I think in Facebook. Yes I do. I constantly think, “I should post that on Facebook!”… when I see/do something funny, watch a movie, read a book, hear a song, watch a video, take a picture, think a funny thought… anything… even mundane stupid things… I immediately think, “I should post that on Facebook!” … now I didn’t realize I did this until I wasn’t posting on Facebook any longer … it was then that the idea, “I should post that on Facebook!” became, “I should post…. Oh, crap… wait…” and I did it a lot. A LOT. Like all the time. All day. Every waking moment. Everything I did or thought made me think, “I should post it on Facebook!” and it was then that I realized how pathetic I had become. This is what my life had become… I was LIVING my life vicariously through Facebook… I posted a lot. And I mean A LOT! Post post post! Facebook had become a huge part of my life… a huge part of who I had become… OMG… I am a sad and pathetic Facebooker. Lord…I needed this fast…

Hello my name is Kelly and I am addicted to Facebook. Hi Kelly.

But being a Facebooker isn’t all bad I must admit… It is a cool place to reconnect with old friends, classmates, and relatives. It’s fun to scroll and see what other people are up to and to read funny memes and watch hilarious videos … And I do (did!) post mostly Christian inspirational posts and cool Catholic memes on my FB wall … Hey I am evangelizing!

So now… how do I feel now that I have been Facebook free for …what … eleven days? (what? It has ONLY been eleven days?! It feels like an eternity!!!) … I really do not think in Facebook anymore… well, haha not as much… and I spend more time with my family.

And I read. A lot. I normally read a lot, but now I am just reading insane amounts … I am still reading Sophia House by Michael D. O’Brien. For book club I am reading Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist by Brant Pitre. I also took on Scott Hahn’s Angels and Saints. Great Catholic books! And then I also decided to read the books my students are reading at school… so off we dive into the Dystopic worlds of 1984 by George Orwell, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and Anthem by Ayn Rand. Yip, reading and loving all of them. Yeah, I know. I be crazy. Gimme some soma! (Just kidding… I gave that up for Lent 😉 haha)!

So yeah. I am surviving. 25 more days til Easter! Wait…. TWENTY FIVE??!!! O.o

lent over

What do I miss most about FB? The memes, the hijinks, the comradery… the funny posts by friends… but mostly the Catholic memes… really. I know I know!… my student today thought it was funny that I “meme”… I said, “Hey! I’m a cool old lady!” hahahaha… yeah… I will miss the St Patrick’s Day memes … sigh. Yeeeeaaah okay. I will survive.

Pathetic me. But I need this. FB free. FB fasting.

The funniest thing…. Once I post this blog on WordPress this will automatically be posted on Facebook…. Ahahahahahahahhahaha

Hi Facebook peeps… see you on Easter! Resurrected! WOOT!


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