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Oh, Saint Anthony!

One of my favorite saints… not just because he is Franciscan, but because he is a regular at my house… yeah he practically lives with us. St Anthony, he’s the man! Whenever I (or someone in the house) loses something I pray, “Oh, Saint Anthony, please come down, __________________ must be found!” and voila! Within minutes the object is found! No joke!
st anthony baby
Seriously. Like today~ I was hopping around my bedroom looking for my other sneaker, prayed to St. Anthony…. the laundry basket in the closet, filled with clothes fell over … and underneath it? Yup, my sneaker. Thank you St. Anthony! I love you! Yeah, he’s that cool.
anthony cartoon
Sure, yeah you think I’m nuts… another one of those crazy Catholics… but seriously. Anytime I lose something I stop and pray (intercessory prayer!) to him and then I am quiet and I think. And almost every time a notion, an idea, a lightbulb-ish type moment comes to me, “Look over there by the book shelf”… “Try under the couch”… “Did you look on your dresser?” and yeah… whatever it is …is there…
st anthony meme
Probably the coolest St. Anthony story I have is back “before” … meaning before I came back to the faith. As most of you know, I left the faith for 21 years… but though I did not practice, there were certain things I still did… like pray to St. Anthony (yes I was meant to be a Secular Franciscan!!!). So back in 2003-ish, when 2 of my boys were little, I could not find a plastic video case for a video. I needed it so that I could bring the video back to the store…. And I looked everywhere! Well, I prayed to St. Anthony. But still I couldn’t find it. Dagnabit! Frustrated I thought, ‘Somethings are just not meant to be found’. … But, have faith… all in God’s time… that night I dreamed of the yellow garbage bag I had left in the back hallway. In E. Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where we lived at the time, we had to buy yellow garbage bags to put our trash in or the EB garbage man would not pick them up. I dreamed that the video case was in the yellow trash bag. I vividly saw it. So the next morning, I tore open the trash bag and, yup, there it was. That blew my mind. Now why was the video case in the trash?… anyone who has had little kids know they just LOVE to throw things out… anything and everything! And St. Anthony had my back! Yeah! He’s the bomb!
st anthony baby eggs
One thing I do not want St. Anthony to find for me…. Those 17 pounds I have lost since January! (Wooo hooo!) …. Though I may find some of those pounds after I eat all the Easter candy I plan on shoving in my face on Sunday (hey I gave up candy for Lent!!!)!

st anthony

Love you St. Anthony!

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