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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St Pat I want you

Yeah! It’s St Patrick’s Day… and I am missing all the fun memes and prayers and greetings on Facebook… since I gave up FB for Lent… St Pat’s day ALWAYS falls during Lent!  So I shall post the memes I would have posted on FB here. Yaaaaay.

St Pat go home snakesst patst Pat snakes on planeahahahahahahahahhaha

st pat medusast pat popeSt Pat do something worthwhilest pat guiness

if I still drank I would have a couple o Guinness today! Slainte dad! (drinking beer in heaven!)

St Pat's day memest pat cat

and last but not least… the prayer of St Patrick… a prayer I say every morning…


Have a blessed St Patrick’s Day


St Patrick, pray for us!

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